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SARPRA was formed when the Residential Parks Bill was enacted to be The Residential Parks Act 2007. This organization was incorporated in that same year.

The membership base is from all residents and Residents Committees of Residential Parks in South Australia that are covered by the Residential Parks Act 2007.

The residents of the various Residential Parks were not considered when the Bill was formulated and only some were given an audience prior to it being enacted. The few that attended that meeting were ill prepared and not able to speak on the behalf of all residents so that their views were only represented as a minority group.

This is when it became obvious that an organization was needed to represent the needs of all residents of Residential Parks (as defined in the Act).

SARPRA keeps in contact with like organizations in other States and the Acts under which they exist.

SARPRA can now be considered as a gather of information and a distributor of that information to Residents Committees and its members.

SARPRA does not want to be considered as a union but rather as a representative organization of all Residential Parks residents in this state.

SARPRA will act as an advocate in as much as it will pass on relevant information to any Residents Committees or to individual members when they are concerned about their rights or living conditions.

SARPRA understands that all Parks and Committees have different need and goals and will respect those wishes.

SARPRA has been contacted on various occasions from this Web Site.

We welcome these contacts and will usually respond within several days.

A selection of photos showing typical conditions in Parks.